canine history at fairmont copley plaza

Fairmont Copley Plaza’s canine journey began in 2004 with its first hotel dog, Catie Copley, adopted from the Guide Dog Foundation. Her dedication to hospitality and sweet temperament towards little guests made her a bone-a-fide celebrity that inspired two children’s books: “Catie Copley” and “Catie Copley’s Great Escape.” A true icon, when she passed in 2017 the City of Boston declared June 23rd “Catie Copley Day” in remembrance of her service. Many locals and travelers still pay homage to Catie by visiting her memorial plaque located on Dartmouth Street.

The hotel’s second Canine Ambassador, Carly Copley, joined the pack alongside Catie in 2013. She was adopted from the Animal Rescue League of Boston and was known for her annual sold-out December birthday party, riding the bell cart pretending to be luggage, and lots of snoozing in the lobby. She retired from her hotel duties in 2019 and crossed the rainbow bridge shortly thereafter.

In the fall of 2019, the legacy continued when Fairmont Copley Plaza welcomed Cori Copley as its third Canine Ambassador. She is a sweet black Lab who was adopted from the Guide Dog Foundation, just like Catie. After being raised as a guide dog trainee, the organization decided that Cori was ultimately better suited for a career in hospitality, and doggone they were right! Luxury hotel life is Cori’s calling. She spends her days relaxing on her lobby bed watching the comings and goings of travelers, and eagerly awaits belly rubs and playtime with new friends. Cori has big paws to fill following Catie and Carly’s reign, and luckily has the best teacher. Her caretaker is the hotel’s longtime concierge, Joe Fallon, who also looked after Catie. Joe and his concierge team maintain an appointment schedule where guests can book walks around Copley Square or community appearances. Travelers near and far keep up with Cori’s hotel adventures by following her popular Instagram: @CoriCopley.